Benefits Of Having Flameless Electric Lighters

Because there is a lot of reading ahead for you, this article is necessarily short. It will be a brief overview of the benefits that can be derived from using electric lighters these days, as opposed to the old practice of striking up wood burning matches and struggling for gas with plastic lighters. It should be a worthwhile introduction if you are approaching this for the first time. But should you already be shopping around online and wish to be able to make a definitive and discerning final decision as to what electric lighter you will be purchasing after immersing yourself in more details on the benefits of using flameless electric lighters then you will need to spend a little more time with online service providers like Flamelez.


For the time being then, let this article present you with a brief overview of the benefits of owning a flameless electric lighter. Straight off the bat then, note that flameless lighters do not require gas or lighter fluid. There is no need to utilize a flint, always necessary in conventional lighters to produce the spark necessary to ignite the flame. The necessary ignition is produced solely through electricity. This is also non-polluting.

The electricity originates from the Tesla invention of the alternating current (AC). It is already being widely used in homes and businesses. A Tesla coil is installed to the electric lighter and it only requires low voltage power to produce high voltage and high current electricity. A powerful electromagnetic field is produced as a result. The power source only requires the use of a minute battery. The plasma arcs that are introduced to these lighters also only require low currents to produce the necessary current.

Because flameless lighters do not require the use of fuel, there will be no mess for users going forward. They are going forward with their new smoking experience. They will also be smelling a lot fresher too. Although not quite as fresh as daisies. There are, however, ways and means of achieving this. Anyway, users of flameless lighters are not saddled with the smell of butane gas. No need to worry about running out of fuel. All that is needed is a less than regular USB cabled recharge. You would have to go up to about three hundred smokes before your next charge is due.

Also, having a ‘smoke’ is safe. There are no fire hazards to worry about. Or are there? It is hoped at this time that you are not one of those smokers who are prone to the habit of lying back in bed and ‘lighting up’. How dangerous is that? Spare your family’s health and indulge in a few blissful moments of ‘me time’ by rather going out onto the porch for a smoke. So there is a bit of a breeze out? So what. What is the wind going to do now that you have a flameless lighter? No flame to gust out. No flame to speak of.